About Us

Actually, it should be “About You” because that’s what this site’s all about.

As an Asian woman, you’ve been getting a far from perfect fashion deal for far too long. Not just on the high street but online too: the same lack of service, iffy value and mediocre experience. (Despite the fact we girls are expected to spend a fortune on wedding and party wear!).

I’m Sobayha and my mission is to bring Asian fashion into the 21st century. To create an online shopping site as good as anything on the internet.

Whether you’re buying or selling, private or professional, sobayha.com is all about the latest fashion and the very best value. 

The Worn Once section lets you cash in your fashion. By selling the clothes you no longer wear, you can constantly upgrade your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

And if you’re a professional designer or boutique, no other site showcases your fashion as beautifully or effectively. Just say the word and we’ll have you up and running in no time.


You can even earn big rewards and bags of freebies by hosting a Pop-Up party. You simply invite your friends round – we bring everything else.

So welcome to Sobayha.com. So fashion. So value.